classmethod CircleRaster.get_template_options(design: QDesign, component_template: Dict = None, logger_: Logger = None, template_key: str = None) Dict#

Creates template options for the Metal Component class required for the class to function, based on the design template; i.e., be created, made, and rendered. Provides the blank option structure required.

The options can be extended by plugins, such as renderers.

  • design (QDesign) – Design class. Should be the class, not the instance.

  • component_template (Dict) – Template options to overwrite the class ones (default: None)

  • logger (logging.Logger) – A logger for errors. Defaults to None.

  • template_key (str) – The template key identifier. If None, then uses cls._get_unique_class_name(). Defaults to None.


dictionary of default options based on design template.

Return type: