Analyses (qiskit_metal.analyses)#

Module containing all Qiskit Metal analyses.

Analysis Core#

QAnalysis(*args, **kwargs)

QAnalysis is the core class from which all Metal analysis classes are derived.

QSimulation([design, renderer_name])

A subclass of QAnalysis, intended to standardize across all Analysis classes select and name renderers.


Hcpb([nlevels, Ej, Ec, ng])

Hamiltonian-model Cooper pair box (Hcpb) class.

Hcpb_analytic([Ej, Ec, ng])

Analytic version of Hamiltonian-model Cooper pair box (Hcpb) class.


This code calculations the wavefunction(s) of the simple harmonic oscillator corresponding to an LC circuit.


This code calculates the energy eigenvalues of the transmon qubit cooper pair box as a function of the offset charge and plots the corresponding results.

Electromagnetic & quantization / parameter extraction#


For calculations of CPW parameters.


This code calculates the photon loss (kappa) due to the capacitive coupling between CPWs and input/output transmission lines in a quantum circuit.

Sweeping Options#


The methods allow users to sweep a variable in a components's options.


LOManalysis([design, renderer_name])

Performs Lumped Oscillator Model analysis on a simulated or user-provided capacitance matrix.

EPRanalysis([design, renderer_name])

From an input eigenmode dataset, apply the Energy Participation Ratio analysis method.


Handles the capacitive simulation of a transmon pocket model.


LumpedElementsSim([design, renderer_name])

Compute Capacitance matrix using the selected renderer.

EigenmodeSim([design, renderer_name])

Compute eigenmode, then derive from it using the epr method.

ScatteringImpedanceSim([design, renderer_name])

Uses drivenmodal simulation to extract the impedance.