class PVQDResult(evolved_state, aux_ops_evaluated=None, times=None, parameters=None, fidelities=None, estimated_error=None, observables=None)[source]#

Bases: TimeEvolutionResult

The result object for the p-VQD algorithm.

  • evolved_state (QuantumCircuit) – An evolved quantum state.

  • aux_ops_evaluated (list[tuple[complex, complex]] | None) – Optional list of observables for which expected values on an evolved state are calculated. These values are in fact tuples formatted as (mean, standard deviation).

  • times (list[float] | None) – The times evaluated during the time integration.

  • parameters (list[np.ndarray] | None) – The parameter values at each evaluation time.

  • fidelities (Sequence[float] | None) – The fidelity of the Trotter step and variational update at each iteration.

  • estimated_error (float | None) – The overall estimated error evaluated as one minus the product of all fidelities.

  • observables (list[list[float]] | None) – The value of the observables evaluated at each iteration.



Any property from the argument that exists in the receiver is updated. :param result: Argument result with properties to be set.


TypeError – Argument is None