class KernelLoss[исходный код]#

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Abstract base class for computing the loss of a kernel function. Unlike many loss functions, which only take into account the labels and predictions of a model, kernel loss functions may be a function of internal model parameters or quantities that are generated during training.


abstract evaluate(parameter_values, quantum_kernel, data, labels)[исходный код]#

An abstract method for evaluating the loss of a kernel function on a labeled dataset.

  • parameter_values (Sequence[float]) – An array of values to assign to the user params

  • quantum_kernel (TrainableKernel) – A trainable quantum kernel object to evaluate

  • data (ndarray) – An (N, M) matrix containing the data N = # samples, M = dimension of data

  • labels (ndarray) – A length-N array containing the truth labels


A loss value

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