class UVCCSD(num_modals=None, qubit_mapper=None, *, reps=1, initial_state=None)[source]#

Bases: UVCC

The UVCCSD Ansatz.

This is a convenience subclass of the UVCC ansatz. For more information refer to UVCC.

  • num_modals (list[int] | None) -- A list defining the number of modals per mode. E.g. for a 3-mode system with 4 modals per mode num_modals = [4, 4, 4].

  • qubit_mapper (QubitMapper | None) -- The QubitMapper which takes care of mapping to a qubit operator.

  • reps (int) -- The number of times to repeat the evolved operators.

  • initial_state (QuantumCircuit | None) -- A QuantumCircuit object to prepend to the circuit.