Release Notes#


New Features#

  • Added support for using Qiskit Finance with Python 3.12.



Qiskit Finance has been migrated to the qiskit-community Github organization to further emphasize that it is a community-driven project. To reflect this change and because we are on-boarding additional code owners and maintainers, with this version (0.4) we have decided to remove all deprecated code, regardless of the time of its deprecation. This ensures that the new members of the development team do not have a large bulk of legacy code to maintain. This can mean one of two things for you as the end-user:

  1. Nothing, if you already migrated your code and no longer rely on any deprecated features.

  2. Otherwise, you need to migrate your code immediately. If you cannot do that, or want to continue using some of the features that were removed, you should pin your version of Qiskit Finance to 0.3.4

For more context on the changes around Qiskit Finance and the other application projects as well as the algorithms library in Qiskit, be sure to read this blog post.

Upgrade Notes#

  • Added support for running with Python 3.10.

  • Support for running with Python 3.6 has been removed. To run Finance you need a minimum Python version of 3.7.

  • Support for running with Python 3.7 has been removed. To run Finance you need a minimum Python version of 3.8.

Bug Fixes#

  • Compatibility fix to support Python 3.11.

  • Change the usage of the Y!Finance library to download multiple tickers in one thread and save its cache file in a temporary folder in order to avoid multithread/multiprocess race conditions.

Other Notes#

  • Data providers’ usage of Quandl has been switched to Nasdaq Data Link since the Quandl python client has been discontinued and was replaced by Nasdaq Data Link. The previous Quandl url redirects to the new one at . The userid/password and token there were preserved. There is no need to register again. More information at


New Features#

  • Wrap all library circuits in qiskit_finance.circuit.library into gates such that when they are drawn they appear as blocks with their given name instead of the decomposition. For example

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a handling error in the Yahoo provider when only one ticker is entered. Added exception error if no ticker is entered. Limit yfinance to >=0.1.62 as previous versions have a JSON decoder error.


New Features#

  • qiskit_finance.applications.optimization.PortfolioOptimization now supports integer variables. So, users can decide how many assets they buy instead of just two choices, buy or not.