Installing the Qiskit IonQ Provider


The Qiskit IonQ Provider requires qiskit-terra>=0.17.4!

To ensure you are on the latest version, run:

pip install -U "qiskit-terra>=0.17.4"

You can install the provider using pip:

pip install qiskit-ionq

Provider Setup

The IonQ Provider uses IonQ’s REST API.

To instantiate the provider, make sure you have an access token then create a provider:

from qiskit_ionq import IonQProvider

provider = IonQProvider("token")

Credential Environment Variable

Alternatively, the IonQ Provider can discover your access token using the IONQ_API_TOKEN environment variable:

export IONQ_API_TOKEN="token"

Then instantiate the provider without any arguments:

from qiskit_ionq import IonQProvider

provider = IonQProvider()